Residential Acquisitions [video]

Whom you work with on a home purchase will define the outcome of your endeavor.

Working with Simon Salloom + Partners at PCSRE gives you the best representation in elite realty services:

+ Professional insight
+ Experience
+ Problem solving ability
+ Negotiating skills
+ In-depth market knowledge
+ Professional network
+ Personal network
+ Strong reputation and credibility

At PCSRE we add additional value through our talented ancillary service providers.


+ Excellent mortgage interest rates and preferred client service status from affiliated lenders
+ Superb physical inspectors
+ Award winning escrow and title services


+ Leverage your non-publicly traded company stock into a mortgage, avoiding having to sell now and miss out on future gains from an IPO
+ Vast array of off market and pocket listing properties
+ Access to ancillary services to capture additional opportunities
+ 1031 exchange strategies into business acquisitions
+ Tax deferred investment purchases
+ Alternate sources of funds for construction and acquistion

Simon On Representing Buyers